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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus 2018

Results 2017

Kambiz Djafari

CEO and Co-founder at

My check out of this blockchain conference in Cyprus: it’s amazing for the people interested, getting information about the blockchain, the whole community, with a lot of knowledge from experts and people who were asking, sharing the knowledge with experts and back. So, I would recommend everybody to participate or attend one of these conferences because they’re everywhere, you know, and the next one is in Malta. Come to the conference, enjoy the talks, the speakers, and get more knowledge about blockchain and blockchain technology out of it for you and for your people, you know. Thank you very much!

Ismail Malik

Editor In Chief of ICO CROWD

Fantastic! It’s been amazing, the group’s been amazing. Around a hundred delegates. Really close and good conversations. The venue was amazing. Amazing host, obviously, as Smile-Expo always has. We’ve got a really excited community that really participated and was really engaged in the conversations. It’s definitely one of the best conferences I’ve been to in 2017!

Marc Kenigsberg

Founder of BitcoinChaser

So, it’s great to be in Cyprus with the history of payments, looking at new technologies, new ways in which they can be done, especially focusing on blockchain not for payment. There were a lot of people. And the event was well-organized. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Vladimirs Remi

Senior Advisor,

It was a very good conference with a good organization, speakers, good community, and a lot of advice and experiences that you can use in a daily business and get knowledge about the bitcoin and blockchain and in general, the future of such industry.

Bogdan Maslesa

Founder of Universal Crypto

If you haven’t been here, you’ve missed out on some valuable knowledge, hearing like-minded experts sharing their knowledge, experience, and vision of the future of blockchain. But you didn’t lose out too much because in a week’s time, the next conference is in Malta, and you’d better be there.

Daniil Girdea


Frankly speaking, I was very excited to take part in this conference. It was a surprise for me to be invited to the panel discussion. The moderation was great. It was a great experience for me. I hope you like it. I hope you’ll invite me more. It was very good for me so I like the microphone, I like what I’m doing, I like to talk to people and share the experience. The organization was very fine. I like the timing so we managed to do everything. I think all the people are excited and like it. <br/>The one thing I want to mention about the conference is – thanks to the organizers because the people who intended that and were attracted to this conference, I find them specialists because during the panel discussion I found so many new things for me. I was very interesting. It is cool that at this conference we had specialists in the industry, mostly, so many things about blockchain. For me, it was very exciting. Thank you very much. <br/>

Josh Scigala

CEO of

Absolutely wonderful, very well-organized, beautifully laid out. I loved the packages put on the seats to give education to anyone about the company sponsoring this event. You also had a very fluid event. I really appreciate it. <br/>I really like that there was a section for us to talk. I was to far too many conferences. They were all about ICO pitching, and it’s not really the conference about educating people so I really liked how you had a section for ICOs to do that talk, to learn more about greater concepts of decentralization, about the separation of money in state, all this sort of things… I would say “Keep it up”.

Rytis Bieliauskas

Chief Technology Officer at CoinGate

- So, thank you again for inviting me. I was glad to come. It’s interesting to meet people from different countries who are interested in blockchain technology, make new contacts, and I hope other people benefitted from my presentation. I certainly benefitted from the connections I made there. - You’ve got a lot of questions. Did you get something interesting and knowledgeable for you personally?- Yes, from several other presentations. It was interesting. It’s always interesting to hear what other people are doing basically to keep the finger on the pulse what’s happening around the world of this sphere.- Are you going to participate in our next event?- Sure! I plan to do so. I hope you’ll invite me to speak again. I would be very glad.