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Samer Halimeh: Bitcoin revolution in the luxury market

Samer Halimeh: Bitcoin revolution in the luxury market

Luxury retailer, Samer Halimeh NY, has started accepting Bitcoins. The company's founder states that cryptocurrency greatly facilitates the purchase of luxury goods and believes that Bitcoin has a great future in this industry.

Samer Halimeh is a brand store retailing diamond jewelry and other precious metal wares. Among loyal customers of Samer Halimeh, there are many Hollywood stars and even the Royal Saudi Arabian family adorning jewelry of the brand. Recently, the leading jewelry dealer has begun accepting payments in Bitcoin, explaining that this is done as a matter of customer convenience. The company has selected BitPay as the payment system: it is expected to conduct transactions of both vendors and purchasers.

Samer Halimeh, the company's president, explained that cryptocurrency is convenient for international business transactions, since payments in Bitcoin are easy to make from any part of the globe without extra fees.

Samer Halimeh: Bitcoin revolution in the luxury market

"This is especially advantageous for our suppliers from Africa as well as for our clients from developing countries, such as China, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, India, and Uzbekistan", he said.

Owners of large companies, leading businesses all over the world — both in the sale of luxury goods and in other fields — associate themselves with Mr. Samer Halimeh.

The jewelry magnate is confident that cryptocurrency will be widely used in the trade in precious gems. The system previously used to be based on US dollars, but recently, it started to involve transactions in Bitcoins as well. Investors from Asia and the Middle East initiate this practice.

Blockchain has also been integrated into the jewelry industry. There are different apps to identify large diamonds and to store data on them. It helps decriminalize gemstone market and recognize fakes.