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New Bitcoin Gold feature: full replay protection

New Bitcoin Gold feature: full replay protection

The developers of Bitcoin Gold announced the update of BTG blockchain by adding full replay protection. Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is a new cryptocurrency, resulted from Bitcoin hard fork on October 24.

Bitcoin Gold website reported that the new anti-replay feature will prevent simultaneous sending of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold when conducting payment transaction in one of the blockchains. Thus, the new function will prevent erroneous sending of coins to the wrong address and protect the virtual currency from unintentional expenditure.

The new feature was announced shortly before the alleged public opening of the Bitcoin Gold blockchain. It is likely that the launch has been postponed to later dates: the network remains closed, and only the developers have access to it. But this does not prevent exchanges, for example Bitfinex, from trading futures for a new cryptocurrency. Currently, the price of 1 BTG fluctuates between $140 and $170.


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