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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus 2018

Frigate – exhibition area participant at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus

Frigate – exhibition area participant at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus

Introducing another Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus participant – Frigate, a company that provides a wide range of solutions related to financial transactions with cryptocurrency.

Frigate structure includes several other organizations registered in Switzerland and countries of the European Union. Having many years of experience on international financial markets, the company provides investment advice, and also helps prepare the project for participation in ICO.

And one of the key aspects of successful asset management, which corresponds with the company's investment philosophy, are cost-effective solutions. Company professionals have been working with financial instruments like credit derivatives, interest rates and many others for several years now. Therefore, they professionally service corporate accounts of their clients on the cryptocurrency market.

As for the ICO, the company provides a number of solutions: forming the capital for an operating company, the right way to go fiat, legal solutions, tax and regulatory support. Frigate focuses on institutional investors who would like to participate in the rapidly growing ICO market.

Thus, Frigate is making its own adjustments to the world of cryptocurrency and ICO. And its clients receive reliable and transparent support for successful business.

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