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Ethereum scaling: first stage of sharding is almost done

Ethereum scaling: first stage of sharding is almost done

The Ethereum platform made some progress in preparation for the launch of shading, a special technology for network scaling. This was announced by the founder of the project Vitalik Buterin, reports CoinDesk.

Sharding consists in separation of data in a distributed ledger into smaller blocks, which will allow managing them more effectively.

According to Buterin, the first stage of introducing sharding is now completed. The next stage involves 4 steps. It is planned to be done in a little more than a month.

According to its results, sharding will be transferred to a test network for approbation of its work.

In addition, he noted that Casper protocol will be implemented a little later than planned. It will be launched along with the Constantinople update. Due to the popularity of Ethereum, there are minor problems on the network – slow transactions and high processing commissions.


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