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Cyprus’s first university accepting bitcoins keeps working

Cyprus’s first university accepting bitcoins keeps working

The University of Nicosia (UNic), the best private higher educational establishment in Cyprus and one of leading English-speaking Mediterranean universities, keeps accepting bitcoin payments for the education. It also continues to invite students for the Master’s course in Digital currencies.

The UNic started accepting bitcoins as a payment method in 2013, becoming the first university to allow student to pay for the education using cryptocurrencies. In 2014, the university announced the first-ever unique master’s program.

The university representatives note that such a payment method is more convenient for some students than a conventional one. Besides, it allows members and students of the university to obtain experience in the application of bitcoin as a payment method.

Christos Vlachos, the University’s Chief Financial Officer, says that digital cryptocurrency is a way to expand financial services to regions with an undeveloped banking infrastructure.

The education course offers future digital currency masters to study the interaction between cryptocurrencies and modern financial systems, technical features of cryptocurrencies, and prospects of cryptocurrency system innovations. The university ensures that the program is equally interesting to financial and business specialists, independent entrepreneurs, and government officials.

The course is offered both online and on-campus to students worldwide. The language of instruction is English.


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